The Website Goes Lives! 

I have thinking about a medium to connect with friends and partners , one that captures useful information, contents and allows for the exchange of ideas. More than the usual banters on facebook and eye-catching photos on IG. The answer? 

This website cool

I spent almost a decade in finance sector, then two years ago, I left to build a new venture in the crypto asset space. Fintech has always been an area of interest to me. The other one is real estate, and in 2020, I registered myself as a realtor! During my discussion with friends and partners, good ideas were exchanged and I usually jot those down in a notebook. I have been thinking about a medium to connect with others, to capture useful info, contents and exchange ideas. I am not a great writer because it is not my habit to, but I shall endeavour to blog and share on this site. Pardon me if my writing style isn't as smooth, as eloquent as you may like it, but I assure you the content will be insightful and useful in many ways!

Living in land scarce Singapore, property investment comes to mind instinctively. I believe this is the same for my fellow Singaporeans, except that, to go from thinking to taking the plunge, it is a huge gap. I took the plunge in 2014 and never looked back, on the path to own a portfolio of good properties. Currently, my portfolio includes homes in London, greater United Kingdom and back home in Singapore. Every property investor starts somewhere, and mine started in the United Kingdom, thanks to a group of smart guys who taught me how easy it was to invest there! 

Property soon become an area of interest. I recall the days when I visited show flats and property launches almost every weekend to start abreast of market development. Often, I would post articles about properties, the market and share my thoughts on latest projects. There were a few times when friends contacted me to ask me about those projects and my thoughts. I could refer them to brokers, but there is as far as I could go. In 2019, I was offered to join a new outfit in Singapore - One Global Property Services ( I took up the offer, get a Real Estate salesperson licence so I can do the extra mile for deserving friends and partners. 

That said, property remains a passion while my full time role is that of a COO at Onchain Custodian. A Singapore based digital asset custody firm, to address the need in the market for a secure, insured and compliant third party custody services. The firm was incorporated in 2018. After two years, the firm has matured its custody offering, and we are branching into open finance with crypto lending, asset management, ramp on/off and OTC, among others. Recall how banking started with taking deposit and lending? See any similarities? 

For the good work we have done, Onchain Custodian bagged the first prize award in the Fintech Festival 2019, Singapore founder category. Well it may just be another award for others, we see this as a paradigm shift. This is the first time a crypto player has won the award, which in the past years have been dominated by payment services providers. Curious about us? You can find out more at

Over time, I have been asked to share about my thoughts on property, crypto, how to invest and how to get rich. On the last one, I don't know yet, but I will tell you when I get there money-mouth Haha!

This website will be updated with my thoughts and be the channel for others to connect, simply for a chat or let me know what I can assist with!

Thumbs up if you like my site. Feel free to connect with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cool